Hamari Virasat Event​

Hamari Virasat Event

Thanks to the Hand For Handmade Foundation for providing the opportunity, Vidushini Prasad, the founder of Madhubani India, showcased her unique artwork for the Hamari Virasat campaign in the traditional Mithila style. The theme of the collection revolves around “The Majestic Steed of Democracy: A Mithila-Inspired Tribute to India’s Constitution.”

In a seamless blend of tradition and modernity, a Mithila-style painting, curated by Vidushini Prasad, has emerged as a testament to the enduring spirit of democracy in India. As part of the Hamari Virasat – Har Dil Mein Samvidhan Campaign, her masterpiece captures the essence of the preamble to the Constitution of India.

Utilizing bold and vibrant red colors, along with intricate patterns, Vidushini’s painting brings to life a magnificent horse that exudes strength, grace, and nobility. The horse, a symbol deeply rooted in history, serves as a metaphor for the robust and forward-moving journey of Indian democracy.

The meticulous detailing and vibrant red hues evoke a sense of celebration and pride, highlighting the rich tapestry of India’s cultural diversity. Vidushini’s artwork goes beyond being a visual delight; it serves as a tribute to the collective efforts dedicated to preserving and upholding the constitutional ideals that have guided India through its nation-building journey.

Through this artwork, curated by Vidushini Prasad, the founder of Madhubani India, the artist celebrates not only the past but also inspires the future, envisioning a harmonious intertwining of democracy and culture that contributes to a more vibrant and inclusive India.

Had a wonderful time talking with Sangita JindalJee (JSW Foundation) at my stall. Her appreciation for the arts and crafts of India is well known. Her genuine interest and involvement during the event was truly inspiring.

A special thanks to Shibani Dasgupta Jain of Hand For Handmade and Vinita Gursahani Singh for the wonderful initiative.

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