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No upcoming events. Stay tuned for more updates, and let the magic of Mithila artistry continue to inspire us all!

Celebrate the Magic of Monsoon with Aakruti Vastra 2024, Hyderabad from July 9-10, 2024

As the monsoon rains awaken the earth, they also bring a vibrant tapestry of colors. At CCT Spaces, organized by the Craft Council of Telangana, Vidushini Prasad, Founder of Madhubani Arts India, is gearing up to celebrate this magic with Aakruti Vastra – an exhibition dedicated to the art of natural dyes!

Vidushini is thrilled to showcase her exclusive paintings and a new range of silk collections, including sarees, dupattas, and stoles, adorned with traditional Madhubani and Mithila artwork. Join in celebrating handcrafted treasures and the beauty of textiles colored by nature.  Immerse yourself in this captivating exhibition where stunning garments crafted using traditional techniques await you 

Witness the deep blues of indigo echoing the monsoon sky and earthy tones reflecting the tales of lush fields. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience the magic of the rich heritage of hand-painted textiles.


TEDx Event Amity University Noida

TEDx Amity University Noida – Unveiling the Phases of Artistic Evolution with Vidushini Prasad

Exciting Announcement:
We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Vidushini Prasad, the founder of Madhubani Arts India, has been granted the extraordinary opportunity to speak at the Third Edition of TEDx Amity University Noida on January 18, 2023.

Event Highlights:

Artistic Journey Unveiled:
Join us as Vidushini Prasad shares her artistic journey as a Madhubani artist, drawing captivating parallels with the enchanting phases of the moon. Through her talk, she will delve into the evolution of her craft, embracing challenges, and celebrating growth—mirroring the ever-changing faces of our celestial companion.

Artistic Odyssey: Vidushini Prasad's Exhibition Timeline

PiliTaxi Event Bangalore thumb

PILI TAXI at Bangalore International Center01-02 March 2024

The 30th Chapter of artistic brilliance unfolded featuring Vidushini Prasad.

TEDx Amity University Noida

TEDx Amity University Noida18 Jan 2024

Our founder, Vidushini Prasad shared her artistic journey as a Madhubani artist, drawing parallels with the enchanting phases of the moon.

HSR EDIT - Festival of Handmade07-11 Feb 2024

The vibrant spirit of Madhubani art resonated through the halls of NIFT Bangalore.

Hamari Virasat 12-14 Jan 2024

Theme of Vidushini Prasad's creation was "The Majestic Steed of Democracy: A Mithila-Inspired Tribute to India's Constitution." This was held at CSMVS Museum, Fort Mumbai

Festival of Handmade Exhibition

Festival of Handmade01-05 Nov 2023

The event commenced with a vibrant crowd, a rich mosaic of art enthusiasts from every corner of India at Jaymahal Palace, Bangalore.

Craft Council Event Invitation

Srishti 2023​21-23 Sep 2023

Vidushini Prasad graced Srishti 2023, an event organized by the Crafts Council of Tamil Nadu in Coimbatore.

Kala Ghoda Festival

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival20-28 Jan 2024

Vidushini's Mithila-Style painting, a galloping red horse, was showcased at the Kala Ghoda Association Festival, as part of the Hamari Virasat - Har Dil Mein Samvidhan Campaign!

Laguna Art Exhibition

Laguna Art Gallery Dec to Jan 2022

Madhubani Arts Founder Vidushini Prasad's work is currently on display at the Laguna art gallery in Mission Viejo, California

Artisan Collective, Chennai09-15 Sep 2022

Elegance Unveiled: Vidushini Prasad's Masterpieces at Co-Optex Grounds, Chennai.

Handmade Collective, Mumbai10-14 Jan 2019

Artistry Unveiled: Vidushini Prasad's Enchanting Display at Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Mumbai.

Kochi First Exhibition

David Hall Gallery, Kochi

Creative Harmony: Vidushini Prasad's Inspirational Presence at A Hundred Hand's Handmade Collective 2018

JP Morgan Exhibition

JP Morgan, Bangalore

Exhibition in their Manyata Tech Office on March 19, 2013

Renaissance Gallerie Exhibition

Renaissance Art Gallery, Bangalore

Select mithila work was displayed at the gallery from from July 9 to July 13, 2012

IIM Bangalore

Display of select Madhubani work at Vista-Annual International Business Fest Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore from September 28 to Sept 30 to 2012.

Genesis Art Gallerie, Bangalore

Mithila Ganesha on display at Kirti 2012 - An Ode to Lord Ganesha.

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