HSR EDIT - Festival of Handmade

HSR EDIT - Festival of Handmade

Madhubani Magic Captivates Audiences at NIFT Bangalore!

The vibrant spirit of Madhubani art resonated through the halls of NIFT Bangalore recently, thanks to the renowned artist Vidushini Prasad, founder of Madhubani Arts India. From February 7th to 11th, 2024, the prestigious Festival of Handmade, organized by A Hundred Hands, provided a platform for Vidushini to showcase her exquisite collection of Mithila artworks.

Captivating viewers with their intricate designs and rich colors, Vidushini’s creations spanned across various mediums, including silk, handmade paper, and more. One piece, in particular, left a lasting impression: A breathtaking saree depicting the powerful goddess Durga. Curated by leading fashion designer Prasad Bidappa, this masterpiece graced the ramp of the festival’s fashion show, mesmerizing the audience with its cultural significance and artistic brilliance.

Vidushini’s impact extended beyond the captivating display. Engaging in enriching interactions with NIFT students, she fielded eager questions about the art form’s history, techniques, and cultural essence. As the students, inspired to incorporate Madhubani art into their future projects, delved deeper, Vidushini generously shared her knowledge, fostering a connection that promises to keep the art form alive. But the appreciation wasn’t limited to the students.

Many of Vidushini’s dedicated Instagram followers, some even travelling from abroad, dropped by the festival to witness her artistry firsthand. Their enthusiasm translated into a heartwarming response, with several pieces finding their way to new homes, both within India and across borders. This participation at NIFT Bangalore marked a resounding success for Vidushini and Madhubani Arts India.

Not only did it bring the art form’s beauty to a wider audience, but it also ignited interest and collaboration among budding designers. Through her interactions and willingness to share her passion, Vidushini ensures that the vibrant legacy of Madhubani art continues to flourish, captivating hearts and illuminating the world with its timeless charm.

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